Communities Empowered & Transformed

The Executive Council of the Presbytery has approved the creation of the Perry and Dallas County Fund. This Fund is set up to provide aid to mission work in Perry and Dallas Counties. In particular, funds will be provided to a local agency, C.E.T. Ministries.

C.E.T. Ministries (Communities Empowered & Transformed) is currently located at Eagle Grove Baptist Church, near Marion, AL. LaQuenna Lewis is the Ministry Director. C.E.T. provides a food pantry, a homeless shelter for men and women, a prison ministry, a clothes closet and tutoring services. They have obtained an old school building near Marion and are working to repair and refurbish it. Then, they will move C.E.T.’s operations to the old school building.

Perry County is one of the poorest counties in Alabama. Approximately 40% of its 9574 residents’ income falls below the federal poverty threshold. 34.6% of Dallas County residents are in poverty. C.E.T. is working to alleviate this poverty.

The Perry and Dallas County Fund is set up so that churches in the Presbytery may give money each month to the Fund, at Presbytery. Then, Presbytery will send a check to C.E.T. quarterly. The goal is to raise enough to send a check for $4,000 to C.E.T. each quarter. Then they will have a more stable funding base to plan their activities.

C.E.T. also needs a truck in order to pick up its food purchases from the Selma Food Bank and other food sources. They are trying to raise $20,000 for a used truck.

Also, C.E.T. has a great need for repairs to the old school building. There are opportunities for volunteer work on landscape maintenance, painting, roof repairs, and structural repairs.

At present, we intend to focus on raising funds for the quarterly check of $4,000 and to help pay for a truck for C.E.T.
Please consider a commitment, no matter how small, to the Perry and Dallas County Fund. Together we can serve Christ by helping the poor in Perry and Dallas Counties.

If you have any questions please email Ralls Coston, Mission Coordinator at Presbytery,

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