Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier. MissionInsite provides instant access to community information for your church via The MI System. You’ll get desktop, web-based access to demographic data for a variety of geographic levels. Click the link for an Introduction to MissionInsite.

The MI System provides you with a new way to access demographic information. It moves beyond the static reports you order to a powerful “discovery tool” for exploration and “out of the box” thinking for church ministry, church planting, church growth and outreach.

The system also provides the ability for local churches to locate their church members and others affiliated with their church on your map. This is referred to as Congregant Plot. So, while there are a few things you need to learn, the system is designed to be user friendly and provides you with additional services not available from other systems. Have fun exploring your mission context and remember there is no possibility of accidentally harming the system or data.

Before getting registered, you are encouraged to explore the documents in the Local Churches Resource area especially How to Register.


As part of the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley you have free, unlimited access to MissionInsite. www.missioninsite.com

  • To register as a first time user of MissionInsite:  Go to: http://www.missioninsite.com/clients/register.shtml
  • Click on the “Register” button on step two of the instructions
  • Enter the Agency Account Number:  find the PSL acct. # here and click SUBMIT
  • Select your city and then select your church from the drop-down menus
  • Follow the directions to register and create your own username and password

*It is recommended that you DO NOT check the box stating that you do not want to receive email correspondence from MissionInsite.  The activation email that you need to complete your registration will not come to you if you do!*

After you register you will receive an email to activate your user account.  Make sure you check in your spam or junk mail folders and authorize MissionInsite as a trusted source.

Follow the steps outlined in the activation email.  You will be prompted to click on a link, enter the activation code in the email that you received and enter your password.  Upon authorization you will be ready to log in and begin using the MI System!


Explore the “Help” Menu

  • Once logged in, the next step is to explore the “Help” menu on the upper left of your map screen just under the MissionInsite Logo.
  • Mouse over “Help” to activate the drop down menu choices.
  • Explore each of the “Help” menu choices – Support Videos, Documents and How To.
  • View the “Getting Started” video from the Support Videos menu choice
  • Download these essential documents from the Documents menu choice
    • Mission Impact Guide – A Guide to Ministry Applications by Mosaic Type
    • MI Demographic Reference Guide

Should you need any assistance, please email misupport@missioninsite.com or call 877-230-3212 ext. 329.

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