Commission on Ministry

The Commission On Ministry (COM) shall meet at least quarterly, but as often as necessary to deal with appropriate matters on behalf of the Division. Other Committees of the Division shall meet as necessary or as advised by the Moderator of the Division.

The priorities of the Vocations Division shall be the Commission on Ministry functioning in accordance with the Book of Order and to oversee compliance with the Book of Order and the Standing Rules; professional development; pastoral care, support of church professionals other than ordained ministers, and the annual review of the compensation of ministers and certified educators.

The Division will seek to enable the Presbytery to minister effectively in relating to its congregations and ministers and in recruiting, nurturing and supporting church professionals.

COM Members


Class of 2023

 Class of 2024

Class of 2025

Caryl Privett  Bruce McClendon  Nick Reed
Brenda Toomey Lou Ann Sellers Rachel Mathews
John Brock Young Kim  Jonathan Yarboro
William Christian Sam Hamilton-Poore Elizabeth O’Neill
Richard Hanna Frankie Tatum Charles Nash
Laura Woodruff Lin Veasey Carl Martin
Rachel Winter Ben Arellano Darryl Love
Abby Gatliff

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