Sheppards and Lapsley Presbytery Youth Council (SLPYC)

The Sheppards and Lapsley Presbyterian Youth Council (SLPYC) is a partnership of youth and adult leaders that fosters Christian community through programs and events year-round. Youth who serve must be high-school juniors or seniors, and they may apply in the spring preceding each school year. Adult members serve for a three-year term.

Leadership training is provided to each member as an investment in his or her capacity to lead in the local church. As part of their service, the SLPYC plans and leads two or more retreats per school year (at least one per fall and spring) for youth across the presbytery. See the schedule below, and click on the links for fliers and registration forms.

SLPYC Application 2018
Youth Leader/Session Recommendation

Upcoming Events



Directions to Retreat Locations

Directions to Living River

Directions to CAMP McDOWELL

Directions to POPLAR POINT

Directions to 4-H CENTER

Directions to ROLLING HILLS

SLPYC Members

Class of 2018 Youth

Anne Kearney Patton, South Highland

Hopper Coley, Southminster

Annabelle Beavers, First-Tuscaloosa

Mary Evelyn Beavers, First-Tuscaloosa

Lakin Coulter, Independent

T.J. Dyer, South Highland

Jack Irwin, First-Auburn

Jessie Kate Joiner, First-Tuscaloosa

Frances Lehman, First-Tuscaloosa

Maria Potts, First-Tuscaloosa


Class of 2019 Youth

Abigail Donovan, Independent

Sara Catherine Cook, Independent

William Hereford, Independent

Rachel Ross-Davis, South Highland



2018 Emily Roberts, First-Birmingham

2018 Ben Acton, Southminster

2018 Laura Bannon, Southminster

2018 Catherine Goudreau, Independent

2018 Patti Winter, First-Birmingham

2019 Neeley Rentz-Lane, First-Tuscaloosa

2020 Betsy Murphy, Southminster

2020 Daniel Killilea, South Highland


Those in BOLD are new applicants for SLPYC.

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