News from the Congo

Please pray for Gwenda Fletcher, our educational liason in the Kasai of Central Congo. Gwenda has become ill and John has taken her to Johannesburg to the hospital there. We have not yet been informed of what the illness is. Gwenda and John are so very important to us as our friends and as servants of God in Congo. When we learn more, we will report to you.
Update from Mission Worker Ruth Brown regarding Gwenda’s health:
I found out that John and Gwenda are staying at the House of Rest in Pasadena.
I do not know how long they will be there.
It would be a good idea to place a return address on any mail going to Pasadena.
Also, please ask people not to make telephone calls there. You may write to them at this address:
Gwenda and John Fletcher
c/o House of Rest
784 Santa Barbara St
Pasadena, CA 91101
A second issue of much concern is the devastation caused by the regional war which lasted from about October, 2016, through April of 2017. This was between the government and a tribe from the southwest Kasai spilled over to our normally quiet area of Kasai. Much devastation was left in its wake.
Seeds and farming implements destroyed when homes were burned. Pillaging, death and the displacement of more than a million people. 3.2 million people desparately short of food. Please consider gifts to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for Kasai Congo Relief. Gifts may be sent to our Presbytery or to Presbyterian Church USA, P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700. Write DROOOO88 Congo Relief on the memo line. You can also donate online:
We are also sending funds to the Nutrition Center at Good Shepherd Hospital (IMCK). They are feeding some of the most serious cases of malnutrion and starvation among the children. Please pray for the Fletchers and for the people of the Kasai.
Belinda Dickinson, Congo Team

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