Living River is looking for volunteers

Living River is also looking for new volunteers who would like to have an impact on the lives of campers. This summer we are introducing two new positions to anyone who is capable and interested. The first position is that of Camp Healthcare Provider. This position is crucial to keeping all of our participant’s safe and healthy while at camp. To qualify for this volunteer position you must be a paramedic, nurse or doctor that has all of the necessary, and up to date, certifications or degrees. The second position is just as important for the campers well being, the Camper Advocate. The Camper Advocate is just that, and advocate for the campers. They are an adult on site that is there for the campers when they need it. Home sick, tired, medically sick, frustrated or any other emotion or thought that camper might have that needs some extra attention, the Camper Advocate is there to help. The only qualifications required are the desire to help children when they are away from home. Both of these positions are crucial to the health, comfort and safety of our campers and come with some perks. All of our volunteers are given a free place to stay at camp and free meals all week long.  We ask if you can help the campers and Living River, please do so.

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