Habitat Construction Progress

It is now week 6 of construction for the Habitat for Humanity house in Center Point, Alabama. Birmingham area churches of this Presbytery are sponsoring this house. This is the 27 th year that Birmingham Presbyterians have participated in the construction of Habitat houses. The house for 2019 is being built for the Parham family. We have had teams from South Highland, Independent, Shades Valley and Edgewood work at the site. Other churches are planning to send teams.

As of last week, the wood sheathing has been installed for the outside walls and the roof. The insulation sheathing has been installed, and installation of the vinyl siding has begun. The framing for the exterior walls has been caulked to the floor. This will help prevent leakage of heated or cooled air to the outside. This is one technique Habitat does to make the homes energy efficient. You may go to the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley’s Facebook page for photos. https://www.facebook.com/Sheppards.Lapsley/?ref=bookmarks

Please contact Ralls Coston at the Presbytery office if you want to volunteer or contribute to this project.

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