Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) shall meet at least quarterly [normally on the 1st Monday of each month], but as often as necessary to deal with appropriate matters on behalf of the Division. Other Committees of the Division shall meet as necessary or as advised by the Moderator of the Division. The Committee on Preparation for Ministry functioning in accordance with the Book of Order. The Division will seek to enable the Presbytery to minister effectively in relating to its congregations and ministers and in recruiting, nurturing and supporting church professionals.

CPM Members

Class of 2016

 Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Lydia Casey Kathy Wolf Reed Cathy Hoop
Jim Truesdell  Rick Atkerson  Cat Goodrich
Bill Christians Leanne Reed  Cal Holt
Ken Smith  Joe Genau
 Lindy Mastin Olympia McCrackin

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