Congo School Fundraiser Update

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Thank you.
 The Congo Partnership Team is happy to report good increases in our fundraising for the Baolonga School in the Kasai. These students currently meet in a dilapidated mud brick building with a dirt floor. Thanks to the Presbytery trustees for $20,000 toward our need of $85,000. This generous gift brings our balance to $53,000. We have expectations for another $10-$15,000 from one of our churches. This will increase our fund to at least $63,000. We give thanks to our Presbytery and churches for their commitment to missions and to the Congolese Presbyterian Church. Without their work, education for the children of Congo would be much less likely to be available. As Presbyterians, we recognize the importance of education in making a difference in the lives of the students and in producing leaders for their country and for the church.
We continue to visit churches and tell the story. Dean Vandegrift continues her necklace ministry. We recently did a presentation for our friends at Riverchase Methodist Church. It is a real blessing to share the story with others.
Please pray for our Congolese friends in their daily struggles and please consider a donation to the Presbytery for a second Congo School.
The first school is now complete! We thank God and all of you that helped in any way. 

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